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Vintage and tribal inspired handmade silver jewels in 22 karat gold. Timeless pieces of jewels made using traditional craft techniques.

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The Gold Series

Bazi Jewels

We explore the idea of self-discovery as a continual process, as we journey through life and acquire insight into one's own character. 

The collections are designed to be an embodiment of this concept with the focus on sensual and feminine jewellery. Bazi Jewels is tribal and vintage inspired and bridges our past into the present.

We only create in limited runs to create beautiful collectible items of jewellery. All jewels are made of .925 silver grading, coated in 22kt gold plating and handmade by artisans.

Join us in our efforts to limit mindless consumption and unethical business practices.

As items are handmade, our stock is limited.

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