Inspired by nature

I have often found myself many a time feeling unfulfilled and unsure. I have pursued and practiced things that I thought were right or that would lead to my happiness, however often these ideas were futile to the grand scheme of things and what I really wanted to experience out of life.

I questioned my life choices and decisions. I allowed myself to sit with uncomfortable feelings and with my thoughts. I intentionally spent time alone and observed myself in this phase without judgement. I would seek to be in nature and allow my thoughts to wander freely. Everything would come up from conversations with people and their reactions, past pain, hurt that my ego was holding on to, to what I wanted to eat next and do.

Amid the chaos of my mind’s internal dialogue, I realised the importance of our connection to nature. I realised how I felt when I was in nature; there is so much abundance, stillness, life and beauty. When you truly allow yourself to experience its glory in all that it is, you realise that all you have is this moment in which you live and nothing else exists outside of this. This is the art of being present and needs constant practice. The jewellery collection embodies natural stones from pearls, coral, pearl shells, to sapphires and chalcedony stones. The use of natural stones is a reminder of the importance of being close to nature and allows its energy to bring grounding to you.