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The Saltwater Reign

The Saltwater Reign necklace is inspired by the element of water and is made up of baroque pearls and coral gemstone. Water symbolises many things from dreams to intuition, magic and mystery, water holds endless inspiration. Red coral is used to boost the energy of Mars as Mars is the planet of energy, vitality and ambition. Together with the pearls and coral gemstone, this necklace will give fuel to your imagination and encourage you to act intuitively on your adventures and help you to connect with the energy of the ocean and water.

The baroque pearls are both luster and iridescence in appearance. Each baroque pearl shell is irregular in shape adding to its uniqueness. 
It measures 40.2 centimetres in length with 1.8 centimetres extension. The Pearl Shells vary in width from 1-1.2 centimetres wide. The necklace weighs approximately 25.5 grams.
Please note that gemstones may vary from the image shown as they contain natural internal inclusions which give it its own beauty and uniqueness.
All our jewellery pieces are handmade by master craftspersons and artisans.