Our Story

Bazi Jewels is a jewellery collection inspired by the indigenous Bazigar tribe of India. They were a nomadic tribe that took to the occupation of acrobatics and music to entertain people. The Bazigar can be described as one who can do something unique or extraordinary, captivating their audiences with their presence and art form. 

The founder Sharan Chima is London based. She was brought up in Hong Kong and has throughout her life experienced multiple groups of cultures existing within one society. Her experience of living in multifaceted cities and exposure to various cultures has had a profound influence on her.

“I was inspired by the nomadic lifestyle and culture of the indigenous tribes of India. They have a strong sense of their own personal identity amid the chaos of the modern world. I wanted to create something that draws on the rustic and ancient charm of the old world and this cross-cultural melting pot we live in today. The brand is the expression of this creativity and spirit, and celebrates the continuous evolution of us as individuals in our own lives."


The collections reveal extraordinary design detail with an antique impression connecting you to a time where the definitions of beauty were unique and untouched. We appeal to the romantics at heart and the wanderers of the modern world, who are looking to express their own beauty and charm from their own journeys of life. 

All our jewellery pieces are handcrafted using natural materials and made by artisans. We pride ourselves in upholding traditional craft techniques and placing them in a contemporary context.

Join us in our efforts to limit mindless consumption and unethical business practices.

As items are handmade, our stock is limited.