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The Elaichi

In creating a capsule collection, these earrings are our artistic vision of classic gold hoops. Handcrafted in silver and covered in 22 karat gold plating, the gold ball detail on them makes the earrings truly beautiful to look at and emphasises the luxurious feel to them. 
The Elaichi earrings are inspired by the spice. Elaichi translates to Cardamom in the Indian language and creates the space and time for when one drinks tea to take a break, catch up with one’s own musings and thoughts, and share laughter and conversations with our nearest and dearest. It's that treasured time for yourself to just be.
The Elaichi hoop earrings are treasured hoops to add to your jewellery collection that will draw attention when worn.   

The Elaichi earrings are hoop based with beads all around the hoop with an Elaichi design that hangs off the earring. 
The circumference of the hoop is 4.5 centimetres.
A single earring weighs approximately 8 grams.
The jewellery is .925 silver made and coated in 22 karat gold plating. You can see the silver fineness marked on the earring for its purity.
For reasons of hygiene, earrings are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged. 
For further details, or if we can help in any way, please email info@bazijewels.com