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Zoom The Empress Trail
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The Empress Trail

The Empress Trail anklet is inspired by the journey of a woman. The creator, the nurturer, the lover and confidant to all in her life; she embodies strength, bravery and pride in every step she takes. 
This anklet celebrates the many roles a woman takes as a feminine being from being the mental and emotional pillars of strength and love, to her body being a life force and creator.  Handcrafted in silver and covered in 22 karat gold plating, this anklet symbolises the footsteps she creates when taking the different forms she embodies and walks in throughout her life.

The anklet weighs approximately 13 grams.
The chain is 10.4 inches in length. 
The jewellery is .925 silver made and coated in 22 karat gold plating. The silver fineness is marked on the earring for its purity. 
For further details, or if we can help in any way, please email info@bazijewels.com