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The Sapphire Rays

The Sapphire Rays are inspired by the duality aspect of life. Duality is described as a balance of opposite and competing forces at play. These forces are not just opposites but are complementary, and that you can’t fully understand one side of the dual nature of something without comparing and fully understanding the opposing side. It is by having dual concepts that allows us to appreciate the opposite sides to something; yin and yang, hot and cold, light and dark.
The Sapphire stone in the centre contrasts with the gold detail of the earring. Sapphires are precious gemstones adored for their colour and symbol of power and strength, but also for kindness and wise judgment. The earring is silver handcrafted and coated in 22 karat gold plating.

The base of the earring is slightly curved inward with tribal engravings on it and has a rough finishing giving it its own beautiful imperfection, a reflection of our own journey in life. A chain connects the Sapphire gemstone that hangs at the bottom with design detail on the 'rays' around the stone.
The jewellery is .925 silver made and coated in 22 karat gold plating. You can see the silver fineness marked on the earring for its purity.
It is 6.7 centimetres in length and 3 centimetres wide. A single earring weighs approximately 6 grams.
Please note that gemstones may vary from the image shown as they contain natural internal inclusions which give it its own beauty and uniqueness.
For reasons of hygiene, earrings are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged.
For further details, or if we can help in any way, please email info@bazijewels.com